„Bring doch etwas von deiner Heimat mit“ wurde die Opus Klassik Preisträgerin Kathrin Christians auf Reisen immer gebeten. In ihrer Geburtsstadt Heidelberg suchte sie sich schönes, hochwertiges und vor Ort produziertes oder designtes zusammen.
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Once upon a time…

… a flautist collected beautiful gifts from her homeland for every visitor to come to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg flutist Kathrin Christians travels the world giving concerts. As time goes by many concert managers wish that she would bring something unique from her hometown Heidelberg. Over the years, she builds up a collection of products that she likes to give away herself and would also recommend to others.

In May 2019, the opportunity arises in a small store in the heart of Heidelberg’s old town to bring together all these beautiful, delicious and practical things. Kathrin Christians knows each producer personally and receives first hand information on how they come up with their products and how and where they are made.

When Covid 19 Pandemic begins in March 2020, she, as a musician, also sees it – despite all its drama – as an opportunity: Kathrin Christians finally finds the time and peace to produce her own products. She experiments and launches the gins „Eau de Wald“ and „King’s Chair,“ which are followed by other products.

On July 1, 2022, she revives the Heidelberg Kettengasse with the „Eau de Wald“ store, expanding its product variety with what comes from the forest: Spicesand seasonings with spruce, barberries, forest raspberries, Mint-Red-Velvet tea with lime blossoms, tapas boards made from native trees, honey, syrups, liqueurs and much more.

Eau de Wald Gin and sustainability

Eau de Wald Gin not only contains hand-picked, regional spruce tips and elderflowers and is distilled in Heidelbergs Odenwald forest. We also donate 1 euro per bottle sold in our store to the Heidelberg city forest for tree planting.

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